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2018 Hobson Award

About the Fly-In

Welcome to the 35th annual Dayton Region Community Fly-In! We are planning an exciting event to help educate the community about the federal government and to promote an exchange of ideas between Washington DC officials and community leaders. Over two days, we will hear from economic development experts, our Congressional delegation and other senior federal government leaders discussing topics relative to the resources and federal facilities in the region. The group will also discuss legislative issues affecting the Dayton region and other federal installations, including Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Springfield Air National Guard Base, Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park and the Dayton Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

With government shutdowns, changes in Washington leadership, and increased uncertainty, this is a chance to learn more about what is happening in the federal government. Because of the possibility that defense missions will move in and out of Ohio, this year’s Fly-In will give participants an opportunity to interact with civilian and military leaders about the importance of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to the Dayton Region economy.

The Dayton Region has one of the nation’s largest and oldest on-going, community-wide programs to take civic leaders to Washington, D.C. Our fly-in is an outstanding opportunity for leaders from our 14 county region to learn about the federal government, interact with our government officials, speak with one voice in support of our federal installations, promote economic development, and help improve the quality of life for those living and doing business in the Dayton Region!

Jeffrey C. Hoagland
President & CEO
Dayton Development Coalition